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Alexander West
Coaching / Consulting

Coaching / Consulting

Startup Plans

We have all heard the phrase “begin with the end in mind”. Most entrepreneurs know the importance of creating a solid business plan that can outline their companies concept and vision. However, most business plans are made for you to present your company to someone else. I come in and help you create an operating plan that works in harmony with your business plan so you have a roadmap to creating a scalable and sellable company. Even though you may never plan on selling your company, smart business owners build companies that give them the option to sell or exit if they need or want to. Building a company like this will allow you the freedom to have better harmony between your company and the other responsibilities in your life.

Operations Coaching / Consulting

Many companies are not ready to hire an executive for operations but the workload has exceeded the owners capability. There are SOP’s to write, training manuals to build, processes to improve etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the operations side of your growing business, we can help. Let us fix your operations so that you can scale your company without sacrificing the vision and values that the company was started with. This is our process:

  • Discover: We learn about the strengths of your company and what needs you have. We take an in-depth look at the areas that have brought you the most success and, the areas that have held you back.
  • Create: Starting with the areas that affect your company the most first, we build a custom plan to fix the categories preventing you from realizing the profits and growth you can achieve.
  • Guide: Working hand in hand with your company, we come along side you and your staff to execute the plan together. We help you put in place the Vision, People, Systems and Processes that will keep your company on the right path for decades to come.

Emerging Leadership

When we make the transition from being a high producer into management, there is an intentional growth gap that has to be filled. As your leadership and responsibilities increase, your options decrease. Leading means you have to make decisions through a different lens. You can no longer rely on just your performance rather, you are now being measured on the performance of others. You have to continue to show that you are a high producer while gaining influence through relationships with those that are following you. This is one of the best times in your career to engage with a coach. Having a coach to help you develop and make key decisions as you grow can give you the tools you will need when your team is looking for you to make the tough decisions.

Team Coaching

For many teams they don’t lack talent, work ethic or ambition. However, most high performing teams need help channeling those attributes to work towards a common goal. Team coaching will help improve communication, trust and cohesion. Great teams require focused effort and engagement that can be achieved through team coaching.